The coffee production has four sections and five fundamental steps, which are connected between each other, for a correct production.

* First Step
Storing and reception of the unprocessed coffee (raw material) the dry up section, to be loaded on the dehydratation machine,

(dry up and deletion of humidity) once it's on the tray it proceed to the dehydratation with the crash of the hot air that comes from the melting pot at a approximate temperature of 250 ºC (482 ºF), an air vacuum inserts the whether air, in such a way that when it crosses de melting pot it eliminates it's own humidity, going into the camera in a direct way at a temperature of 70 to 90 ºC (158 to 194 ºF) producing a crash with the coffee grains, with this friction without damaging the product it is eliminated all humidity.


* Second Step
The dry coffee it's extracted, by an elevator to a concrete surface, for it's corresponding cool down, from there it goes through a conduct to the selection section that consists on making a high quality control, cleaning and retrieving all particles that aren't coffee.

* Third Step
Using highly standards of hygiene the entire section it's checked along the tower, to be toasted with any sugar add, the process take a time no longer than three hours and it doesn't cause any complications, meanwhile the sugar toast is more complex due to the sugar addition on the right point and the sweeting is even to be done more carefully, once it's finished the process it's extracted from the toasted equipment's sphere directly by recipient cart to the cooling room. It's packed on polyvinyl bags specially for toasted coffee.

* Forth Step
It's to take the to the departure section which is in charge of registering the weight for its control and shipment to other stores.

* Fifth Step
It consists that once it's on the stores, it grinded so the public can see, packed and placed for it's sale.
Actually the whole process is automatic.