Maybe one of the hystoric reasons in our country, we are not very demanding when it comes to taste a coffee. We understand that to taste a cup of coffee in the mornings, then after eating or at any time, has an objective to enjoy of the excellent taste, like the effect that it producces.

If this doesn't help to that pleaserure it doesn't have any sense to drink coffee.

Tips to Prepare a Good of CoffeeTo enjoy a cup it's necessary:

  • Start with a high quality coffee, with good smell.
  • The coffee must well packed, that means fresh and without a spoiled smell.
  • Grin according to the coffee machine and the right amount.
  • Water must be with the least minerals as possible.
  • Do not leave debris on the grinner of the coffee machine.
  • Clean the equipment every it's prepared.
  • Always drink coffee right after it's been prepared.
  • The amount per cup, according to the coffee machine, should be between 7 to 9 grams.
  • Never warm up more than once the coffee.